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Platos de Chuleton

Platos de Chuleton

In the Cazuelas category

Platos de Chuleton

Cazuelas y menaje de cocina para vitrocerámica, horno y fuego

Maceta jardinería Modelo botija sin

Maceta jardinería Modelo   botija sin

In the Gardening collection category

Las jardineras con plantas engalanan tus balcones y rincones de tu hogar.

More Info

  • Decoration of a pot


    See how we paint by hand a plant pot to decorate your house.

  • How we work

    Como trabajamos

    Discover how we build and paint our products by hand.

  • Production of a 'botijo'


    Discover how we hand craft a 'botijo', a typical Spanish jug that keeps water cool.

  • Our environment


    You can find beautiful landscapes near us, and visit towns and monuments that are declared world heritage.